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A Different Way

In my own health journey, I have found that most
practitioners specialize in a one main treatment approach
and they use that on every patient.

If you go to the acupuncturist, you get acupuncture.
If you go to a homeopath, you get homeopathic remedies..
If you go to the chiropractor, you get adjusted.
That works if you are lucky enough to end up in the right office.
Or if you have a relatively simple issue.
But this approach always strikes me as too narrow.
I have spent the last 30 years becoming a radical generalist.
I have accumulated a wide variety of skills

so I can fit the treatment to your needs
rather than the other way around.
If this makes sense to you, let’s talk.



What Makes Us Different Than Other Health Clinics?

What Makes Us Different Than Other Health Clinics?

The patients I see have been to many other practitioners with no answers. I find the underlying cause.

Meet Dr. Manlove

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Mood and Neurotransmitters

New developments in understanding neurotransmitters and genetics can help us find non-toxic answers to many brain related problems.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • OCD
  • Dementia

The key is looking at the whole person. Using advanced diagnostic techniques.


Continuous, deep rooted, persistent inflammation is the major cause of aging, heart disease and dementia.
Brain inflammation is the common link between traumatic brain injury and progressive dementia. The Brain Restoration Program is designed to address all the elements of inflammation.



The enemy within: gut bacteria drive autoimmune disease

Gut bacteria should stay put, but when the balance of microbes is disturbed, the gut barrier can become leaky. When bacteria and their toxic products enter the blood stream this triggers an immune system reaction in which your defense system turns on you and can attack any organ. The thyroid gland, the stomach and the small intestine are common targets. Autoimmune attack is behind most arthritis of all kinds as well as many brain and nerve diseases like MS. Autoimmune diseases typically have a combination of genetic predisposition and an environmental trigger. Normal gut bacteria are disrupted by poor diet, toxic exposures (herbicides, pesticides, mold), stress and antibiotics. No wonder autoimmune diseases are exploding. Thankfully, there now good tests to determine the nature of the imbalance and non-toxic treatments to restore gut health and reduce the immune attack.

Solving autoimmune conditions requires detective work. You need a doctor who will look into all the factors contributing to your health condition. And then find non-toxic solutions.

What Patients Say

When I first came in to Dr. Manlove I was in a walker – I couldn’t stand up.  I was in such a bad mood.  It was pretty bad.  I had gone to other doctors to sit and talk which cost me $400, and nothing would get done.  In the first four minutes, Dr. Manlove had diagnosed me.  He said we can turn the lead into gold, and we did!.  That meant a lot to me.  He was willing to take me on and figure it out right now and get it fixed.  He said, “It can be done.”  Now I feel SO MUCH better.

-A.J., Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you Dr. Manlove for this informative, interesting and well done newsletter…. together with your effort in it.   My back continues to be without  pain thanks to the treatments. You took care of me when I was so debilitated.  Thank you.

– M.N.

For the past 10 years my back has prevented me from lifting more than 10 lbs.  I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes.   I couldn’t walk 500 yards without sitting down.  My back even hurt when I used the inversion table.  I also felt like I had stones in my gut.  I was having wild mood swings.  Dr. Manlove discovered that I was gluten and hi fructose intolerant.  He corrected my spine with adjusting, posture and using inversion.  Yesterday, I walked 3 straight miles and never felt it in my back.  I can now easily lift 60 lbs over my head.  I have lost 4” off my waistline.  Besides inches, I lost weight (without dieting) while eating more food than I had been.  I have increased muscle mass.  I feel SO much better and my MOOD IS STABLE!  Thank you Dr. Manlove.  I brag on you guys to everyone.

RJ – Chapel Hill, NC

I have been to other chiropractors, and I’ll tell you what, nobody I have ever gone to can adjust me like Dr. Manlove.  The first time I came to his office I had been suffering with chronic low back pain and now I can do things I couldn’t do for years.  Every time I leave his office after getting an adjustment I feel a tingling down my spine like I had just had a massage.  I feel SO much better now.

-JB Morehead, NC

I have never been to a chiropractor like Dr. Manlove.
He just does the most incredible adjustments.  I wish I lived closer!

SM – Lummi Island, WA

When I first came and saw George, I had a disc herniation in my neck.  I came to him after suffering with it for 7-8 weeks.  I’m a tough guy and was powering thru the pain. The lack of sleep and constant pain caused me to break down emotionally.  I fell down to my hands and knees one night and prayed to god to make the pain go away. It was then that a friend referred me to Dr. Manlove.  Through many treatments over a period of time as well as his guidance as to how to live a more healthy life, Dr. Manlove has helped me to achieve a full recovery which I still enjoy today.

-JC, Chapel Hill, NC

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