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The Ketogenic diet has become something of a fad because so many people are discovering that it is effective for weight loss and most people feel more energy and well being while on the diet. The diet is very low in carbohydrates – sugars and grains of all kinds – and high in fats, with moderate protein. There are lots of new studies showing amazing benefits from this diet. This major journal article reviews reasons doctors should be recommending the ketogenic diet. Never the less there are keto skeptics.

Solid scientific support for the high fat, low carbohydrate diet is presented in the January issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. This is the diet I advocate for most of us as a way to recover from the metabolic damage caused by a combination of the SAD – the Standard American Diet – and environmental toxins. The Ketogenic diet has been shown to be an effective treatment for diabetes, heart disease, many degenerative brain diseases and has been used as part of cancer treatment. It has also been advocated by many top level athletes based on increased performance.

This is the diet championed by Dr. Eric Westman, MD, head of Duke Diet and Fitness.This diet is close to the diets of many traditional people. It has been advocated by Dr. Phinney, professor emeritus of medicine at Davis, for over 30 years. Recently the ketogenic diet has been shown to protect DNA.

It is important for anyone attempting this diet to learn how to do it properly and get professional help if necessary. I recommend starting with calculating ideal fat, protein and carbohydrate intake based on your lean body mass and actually measuring ketones as you go. This sounds complicated but once you get the hang of it it becomes just another way of life. You can eat your fill of real food. Most people do not ever feel hungry. The real key is to eat lots of vegetables!  This is not the high meat, so called Paleo diet. The emphasis is on adequate but moderate protein.

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Dr. Manlove

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