We are proud to have hosted a special video presentation by Dr. Datis Kharazian, in our clinic,  to a group of local practitioners and patients, this past Friday, June 8.

  • Breakthrough information on how to improve the lives of so many people with chronic diseases.
  • Based on the latest scientific research.
  • Confirmed by experience with real patients.
I have been studying with Dr. Kharazian for many years. He has been a leader in functional medicine and just recently completed a fellowship at Harvard Medical School. He is always doing cutting edge research and development of new techniques for helping our patients but this new information is truly groundbreaking.

This presentation comes out of his extensive research as well as his clinical experience in helping patients who have not been helped by other practitioners, the kind of patients I increasingly see in my practice.

This work brings new hope in understanding and treating the basic issues of immune dysfuction linked to problems in the gut mucosa and how diet and environmental stressors can disrupt normal gut bacteria and lead to serious disease.

Dr. Kharazian offes programs to correct these issues leading to significant health improvements in some of our most difficult patients.

The gut biome is a hot topic in all fields of medicine now because studies are showing it has a major impact on all aspects of health including heart disease, brain, kidney, immune and many more. In this presentation at our office, Dr. Kharazian shared exciting new research findings that can have immediate practical benerits for many of our patients.  So many patients we see have chronic health problems even though they seem to be eating well and often taking lots of supplements. What’s missing?

Thanks to Apex Energetics rep Gayla Owen for bringing this to our clinic. I hope we have more opportunities like this to share cutting edge information to other practitioners and patients.

My purpose is to bring real solutions to difficult health problems by applying cutting edge science and extensive clinical experieince.  If you or someone you care for has a health issue that you think I might be able to help, please feel free to call my office and arrange a brief phone consultation to see if this approach is likely to help you. -Dr. Manlove


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