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About Dr. Manlove

My passion is searching for solutions to the complex health issues that patients bring to my practice. I came to chiropractic with a love of the art of adjusting because it had helped me. When I saw so many patients who needed something else, I began the journey which led me to functional medicine. I have been a student of Dr. Datis Kharazian for many years, who taught me how to manage autoimmune diseases, neurotransmitter imbalances and hormonal issues. I have attended conferences and classes with Dr. Ben Lynch who has taught the deep biochemistry of methylation and genetic issues. I have a special interest in mold, mycotoxins and sinusitis through personal experience and through many patients. I learn as much from patients as I do from endless exploration of the medical literature.


  • License in Chiropractic from the North Carolina Board of Chiropactic Examiners.
  • Certified in Acupuncture.
  • BA, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY where I was a Cornell National Scholar and Telluride Scholar.
  • Deep Springs College, California, an elite scholarship college on a ranch in a high desert valley as my sophomore year.
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