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Did you hear this on the Morning News? The BRCA gene mutation has caused many women to undergo radical mastectomy surgery. This study shows that the effects of this mutation can be completely reversed by daily oral selenium supplementation. The BRCA gene normally protects against DNA breakage. A mutation is not protective and can greatly increase the risk of breast cancer. But oral supplementation with selenium – about the amount normally found in an ounce of Brazil nuts – completely reverses this effect.

The BRCA gene mutation results in a lifetime risk of breast cancer of 80% as well as significantly increased risk of ovarian cancer. Men with this mutation have increased risk of prostate and breast cancer.  Yet simple dietary modifications can completely eliminate this risk. And in addition, selenium reduces the risk of many other cancers, heart disease and dementia.

ThisThis is not a new study but it should be headline news. Think how much anguish getting this news out there could prevent – and how many lives could be saved.  If you watch any television at all it will be apparent that pharmaceutical companies control network news.  There isn’t much money to be made from selenium supplements.

This an important example of epigenetics – the effect of genes you inherited can be modified by your lifestyle – for better or worse.  Whatever your genetics, you can make change your destiny. We now have enough information to make specific recommendations and genetic testing has become quite affordable. I am certified in Opus23 evaluation of genetics and I have studied extensively with Dr. Ben Lynch and others to help you overcome what Dr. Ben calls “Dirty Genes.”

Selenium is an element. It is considered an essential trace mineral which means you need to get it from food. It is naturally present in small amounts in soil and is taken up into vegetables as they grow.  And unfortunately  people get inadequate amounts because they never eat fresh vegetables or because they have poor absorption due to gut inflammation. Worse it is likely that many parts of the US have soils depleted in selenium (see map) due to poor soil management. And Selenium deficiency is likely to increase due to climate change.

Something everyone should know is that selenium is protective against mercury. It is chemically very similar to mercury and will displace mercury. If I have to go to the dentist I always load up on selenomethionine – selenium attached to the amino acid  mehtionine.

Selenium is important for thyroid function. Your thyroid gland makes what we call T4. This needs to be converted into the active form, T3, by a selenium dependent enzyme, thyroid peroxidase.

Selenium does not work alone. It works along with many other essential vitamins and minerals which you can get if you eat fresh veggies.

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