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Diabetes threatens to overwhelm our healthcare system. Diabetes causes heart disease, stroke, increases cancer risk, increases the risk of dementia. And in these times may well be a major risk factor for more severe Covid 19 infections. It increases the number of ACEII receptors which is where the spike proteins attach.  This makes obese and diabetic people much more vulnerable to Covid 19.

Conventional wisdom suggests that diabetes is due to sugars and carbohydrates.These are real factors but evidence presented by the American Diabetes Association suggests that the rate of diabetes more closely follows the increase in worldwide production of chemicals. These include not only herbicides and pesticides but also flame retardants and plastics. These chemicals act as hormone disruptors – that is they interfere with the action of hormones in the body. 

Diabetes is specifically associated with glyphosate, the herbicide marketed as RoundUp.

Toxic mold exposure  is related to diabetes in animal models and probably in people as well. 

What can you do?

Test: There is a lab test for the presence of many of these chemicals in your body.  
Check your blood glucose levels. The testing device - called a glucometer - is cheap and available at any drug store or online.  
I prefer doing a simple  calculation based on regular blood testing called the HOMA test. In my experience, this can pick up problems with blood sugar years before your get a diagnosis of diabetes.

Avoid Toxins: as much as possible: Use as little plastic as possible, Get rid of non-stick pans. Eat organic food where possible.  Use a good carbon block water filter.  Check out the Environmental Working Group for more information.

Detoxify: We know that glutathione, a natural chemical in your body, is the main way to get rid of these chemicals. 
Sweating from exercise and using a sauna is another way you can excrete toxins. I can help you design a program which fits your needs.

Autophagy: Autophagy is a word you may not have heard. It is a state in which your body cleans house and turns on healing and detoxification. Consider the ketogenic diet and/or intermittent fasting. Each of these, if done correctly, can have a major impact on detoxification. The technical reason is that they bring up autophagly. Autophagy is a state in which your body puts an emphasis on repair and detoxification. 
Do the right things in addition: Eat right and exercise. Even though toxic chemicals may be a main cause, most people can get their blood sugar. Especially avoid high fructose corn syrup, but cut down as much as you can on all simple sugars. The two types of exercise which seem to have the biggest effect on both weight loss and blood sugar control are burst training and strength training.
Get political: Eventually, only outlawing these chemical toxins can save our health and our health care system.

This is a quick summary. As you can see I have lots of tools and information to help you and your family survive and thrive in this toxic world.  If you’re interested in learning how I can help you click here to schedule a time when we can talk.

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