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Thyroid - Gut Issues - Brain Fog - Fatigue - Autoimmune - Inflammation - Stress

If you break a leg or are having a heart attack, there is no doubt conventional medical treatment is the first choice. Most people are suffering from chronic, often complex, health conditions. Functional medicine provides a treatment beyond giving you multiple drugs.

“Functional medicine is about describing the nature of how the body works… It’s a GPS system for navigating to the root cause.” – Mark Hyman, MD, Cleveland Clinic

  • I will ask lots of questions. I use questionnaires. I dig for answers in your past, your work, your home.  Sometimes I wake at night with new insights. I will do research if needed. I will consult with other practitioners. Whatever it takes to find answers.
  • I will order specific labs. I am acutely aware that labs are expensive, so I start with a few basics. I use a comprehensive blood panel which I interpret carefully using optimal reference ranges rather than the standard lab ranges. I usually use the Organic Acids Test which reports 75 markers of your body chemistry. I have access to Opus 23 which is the most advanced computerized genetic analysis program. I use DUTCH hormone testing when indicated. And I have access to many other specialized lab tests such as those offered by Cyrex labs.
  • I use Applied Kinesiology, also known as Autonomic Testing or muscle testing. I can scan through many systems in a short time. Findings can usually be confirmed by lab testing if desired.
  • I look at diet, sleep, exercise and stress, both current and past.
  • I use an in-office body composition analyzer . This gives us your lean body mass from which we can calculate ideal dietary goals.  I use the BrainGuage to assess brain function. I use online Visual Acuity testing to pick up subtle neurotoxicity.
  • The most important piece is putting all this together into a program that fits your goals and real life needs.
  • Interested? Let’s talk.

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