Functional medicine is about creating health.

You want to feel good and be able to do all the things you enjoy in life.

My job is to help you find why your body is out of balance and find natural solutions that avoid drugs and surgery.

We believe the body is meant to heal itself. Our job is to find ways to recover that ability natural.

Poor diet, stress, toxic exposure. injuries and chronic infections can mean you need some help restoring normal function.

We use the tools of medicine – history, examination, lab testing – to uncover the underlying causes of dysfunction.

Then we look for the least invasive and least toxic treatments to restore your health.

  • Specific diet based on your individual needs and the research literature
  • Exercise recommendations tailored to your body needs and lifestyle
  • Professional grade supplements
  • Acupuncture and Chinese medicine principles
  • Chiropractic and structural corrections

Ultimately, It’s all about results. Most patients I see have been to multiple doctors before arriving at my office. Results mean more that just good lab findings. Results mean you feel better and you can do the things you enjoy.

Treating the whole patient gets results because everything is related.

  • Poor digestion can lead to depression or anxiety disorders – it’s in the medical literature.
  • Immune stress can cause joint and nerve pain.
  • Toxic exposures can lead to blood sugar issues.
  • Stress can upset hormone balance.

The list goes on. It’s all in the medical research. I dig deeply to find answers for my patients where none have been found.

When you’re ready, give me a call and we’ll talk. I offer a free brief consultation, by phone or in person, to see if this approach is right for you.







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