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  • Joint pains or arthritis

  • Chronic bloating or indigestion

  • Rashes or itching

  • Chronic sinus or sore throat symptoms

  • Persistent infections: herpes, Epstein Barr, Lyme, peridontal diseae

  • Brain fog, poor memory

Continuous, deep rooted, persistent inflammation is the major cause of every degenerative disease including aging, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and dementia.


Unfortunately we live in a world filled with chemical and metal toxins which are new in human history.  Although it can be scary to acknowledge this, it’s necessary to realize that it takes work to stay healthy. At the same time, as we understand these processes more we also know more about practical steps that we can take to manage these toxic challenges.


  1. Find the cause:
    This often requires the kind of detective work that we specialize in. It starts with asking the right questions. Both standard and specialized lab testing may be required.

    • “Stealth infections” – bacteria, parasites, viruses, spirocetes, mycoplasmas,
    • Chronic digestive disorders – low or high stomach acid, SIBO, dysbiosis
    • Blood sugar problems – low or high blood glucose
    • Hormonal imbalances – cortisol, thyroid, sex hormones, leptins
    • Toxins including mold, chemical exposures, herbicides, pesticides, etc.
    • STRESS!! – probably the biggest cause of disease in modern society
  2. Fix the cause:

    • Eliminate or limit exposures where possible
    • Herbal and non drug anti-microbials – to suppress persistent low grade infecitons
    • Immune system support
    • Diet and exercise – the right kind for your body
    • Finding and filling nutritional deficiencies
    • Support for stress management
    • Herbs and neutriceuticals
  3. Support healing and restore normal function

    • Probiotics and fermented foods
    • Removing foods that cause reactions
    • Adding nutrient dense foods to fit your specific body needs
    • Finding an exercise program that works for you
  4. Learn what your body needs to stay healthy


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