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The Bradford Pears are blooming here and the pollen is in the air. I have been seeing lots of itchy eyes and noses. Here are some ideas of what you can do if you are feeling the itch…


Physically remove the pollen from your face, eyes, nose and sinuses. and your home! It’s pretty simple, but just washing away pollen can be a big help.
  • Wash the pollen out of your nose and sinuses using a Neti pot, Hydropulse or other nasal irrigator.
  • Brush or shake it off your clothes and wipe your feet or change shoes when you come home.
  • You can use an eye cup and sterile saline to wash pollen out of your eyes.
  • Even though it’s tempting, keep your windows closed. Get a better house air filter. Take your shoes off when you come in  and vacuum frequently.
  • Even just washing your face with plain water several times a day can help.
  • HEPA filters either free standing or HEPA vacuums can help, although they can be expensive.
Try non-drug supplements

SECOND: Use non-toxic antihistamines. Quercetin and vitamin C works as well as Zyrtec for many of my patients. I really like a product called Neuroprotek. Neuroprotek was developed by a professor of allergy and internal medicine at Tufts University. It contains specific bioflavinoids, the kind of natural products found in the inner peel of citrus fruits. This product has been studied as a treatment for many histamine related conditions, including ADHD and autism. It’s what I use personally and is one of my most popular products.

Balance your immune system

THIRD: Find out why your immune system is in overload and do something about it. Allergies are not normal but they are increasing exponentially in our world.  According to Dr. Leo Galland, allergies have become the #1 most prevalent disorder worlwide

  • Do an elimination diet:
    • Find hidden food allergies.
    • Give your immune system a break.
    • 60% of your immune system is in your gut.
    • This often gives rapid relief from many allergic symptoms. I have seen good results following a specific regimen using professional quality shake mixes designed to support liver detoxification, along with a short term allergen elimination diet. I have experience with this and can help you do it right.
  • Remove triggers in your environment
    • Are you exposed to mold at home or work?  Or have you been in the past? This is a big subject but can be the key to solving a lifetime of misery.
    • Remove all toxic cleaners and synthetic perfumes in cleaning products, dryer sheets, cosmetics, body care products. Get rid of the scented candles and room sprays. Even if you like the smell, these are known brain toxins and a major challenge to your immune system. For help check out the Environmental Working Group site
    • If you can’t get away we can help your body handle these challenges with some specific supplements.
  • Get genetic testing from 23andme.com to see if you have genetic issues dealing with histamine. The genetic variances we are looking for are in the enzyme DAO which has to do with histaminic foods we ingest, and with HNMT which is a liver enzyme which clears histamines from the blood. Some people have specific issues which can be addressed with diet and supplementation.  I have extensive experience interpreting these genetic reports.

If you want more information or would like to have help finding solutions to your allergic challenges please call or email my office.


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