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The 2021 North Carolina Integrative Medical Society Conference in Asheville

We just got back from this conference in Asheville. There were many great presenters. We enjoyed the chance to talk with old and new friends among the practitioners and vendors.  The North Carolina Integrative Medical Society (NCIMS) includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists and nutritionists. We all share the same passion for finding new answers to the complex health problems of our patients.


Dr. Devaki Berksen spoke with great passion on the importance of maintaining good hormone levels in both men and women. This can be a real challenge in today’s world. First, due to stress – which moves steroids into making stress hormones instead of sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen.   Environmental toxins block or inactivate sex hormone receptors. She gave clinical examples of the importance of sex hormones on solving bowel issues. The whole lining of the gut has sex hormone receptors!  Sex hormones are important for every tissue including the brain. I regularly use the DUTCH lab test to evaluate the relationship between stress hormones and sex hormones in my patients.

Dr. Mark Houston is a world renowned cardiologist and researcher. He shared the latest findings in blood fats and heart disease. The research is updating by the week. Conventional thinking among practicing doctors is frequently not keeping up. He spoke for 2 hours on the details of lab testing and treatment – mostly using foods and herbal supplements. I will be using this information in doing Functional Blood Chemistry Evaluations to help patients understand and change their cardiovascular risk.

Andrea Nakayama gave a heart-felt presentation on partnering with patients to help them understand and commit to achieving better health through diet and lifestyle. She is a master at making health issues visually appealing and easy to understand.  She leads by example in establishing rapport with her audience and patients. The pillars of changing health are communicating information and getting emotional connection.


I got treated with a class IV laser. I enjoyed catching up with old friends. And we spent several days exploring Asheville.

I spend a lot of time researching and learning but conferences are always inspirational.  It also provides a mini vacation. We walked all over Asheville – lots of hills! We spent a whole day at the North Carolina Arboretum, and stayed at a lovely Airbnb in the Montrose historical neighborhood.

My passion is learning more in order to help the people who come to me with health issues who have “fallen through the cracks ” of the conventional medical system. Taking time to learn as well as to share the journey with fellow practitioners always helps me stay sharp and energized.

If you or a loved one has health issues and have not found answers, lets talk.  You can schedule a free discovery consultation right now by clicking here.

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