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Both my parents developed cataracts late in life–but then by most measures “later in life” now includes me! At my last eye exam, I asked whether cataracts were caused by high blood sugar. The opthamologist didn’t know. So, I did some research (Pintor J (2012) Sugars, the Crystalline Lens and the Development of Cataracts. Biochem Pharmacol 1:e119) and here’s the answer. The cause seems to be free radical damage and high blood sugars are a prime cause of free radical damage. I work to keep my blood glucose under control. The other side of the equation is quenching free radicals with antioxidants, and that’s one reason I take Astaxanthin. I do my best to stay on the ketogenic diet, exercise, and manage stress. And I eat lots of leafy greens to maintain my methylation (foliage = folates). It’s interesting that the author concluded that we need a new drug to treat this condition. I see this as the poverty of so much medical research that is dependent on pharmaceutical money for research. There is a better way.

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