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The potential danger in green smoothies is that for some people they can lead to high levels of oxalic acid which can cause kidney stones and many other health problems. This can be a genetic issue. It can be caused by low levels of certain nutrients such as vitamin B6, or by high levels of candida (yeast) in the gut. The Organic Acids Test is the best way to figure out if this is causing you problems. Read Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf’s take on the matter here:

Before you drink Green Smoothies. Could you actually be sabotaging your health? How could that be? Prevalent in popular media, especially the internet, is the health tip to clean up your diet by drinking green smoothies. I was alerted to the possible dangers by William Shaw, PhD, when he reported in the January 2015 Townsend Letter about patients with high oxalate levels, including those drinking daily green smoothies.”

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