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Gut bacteria should stay put, but when the balance of microbes is disturbed, the gut barrier can become leaky.  When bacteria and their toxic products enter the blood stream this triggers an immune system reaction in which your defense system turns on you and can attack any organ.  The thyroid gland, the stomach and the small intestine are common targets. Autoimmune attack is behind most arthritis of all kinds as well as many brain and nerve diseases like MS. Autoimmune diseases typically have a combination of genetic predisposition and an environmental trigger. Normal gut bacteria are disrupted by poor diet, toxic exposures (herbicides, pesticides, mold), stress and antibiotics. No wonder autoimmune diseases are exploding. Thankfully, there now good tests to determine the nature of the imbalance and non-toxic treatments to restore gut health and reduce the immune attack.

Bacteria found in the small intestines of mice and humans can travel to other organs and trigger an autoimmune response, according to a new Yale study. The researchers also found that the autoimmune reaction can be suppressed with an antibiotic or vaccine designed to target the bacteria, they said.


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